Bringing professionals together is at the heart of our business. Our Strategic Management Group has representation at senior management level from all our statutory partners and co-ordinates the work of our business and thematic groups. Through these groups we provide a co-ordinated approach to the delivery of offender services.

Business Groups

Business is dealt with through regular meetings of the following Groups:

  • FFV CJA Board Meetings
  • Service Managers, Criminal Justice Service/Finance Review

Thematic Groups

Thematic Groups are establsihed as required.

CJA Chief Officers' Group

Community Justice Authority Chief Officers are accountable to their respective CJA Board for the implementation of strategies, policies, action, business and financial plans, and to Scottish Ministers for delivery of National Outcomes of the Managment of Offenders Strategy.  Scotland's eight CJA Chief Officers meet collectively on a monthly basis and meet on a two-monthly basis with representatives from the Scottish Government Community Justice Division.  CJA Chief Officers Group (COG) meetings are co-ordinated centrally by the CJA National Central Support Manager, based in the Glasgow CJA Office.

CJA Convenors' Group

The CJA National Central Support Manager, also co-ordinates quarterly collective meetings between CJA Convenors and CJA Chief Officers.


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