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Reducing Reoffending Briefings

Fife and Forth Valley CJA has been developing its data information dissemination process to assist with the new local arrangements for Community Justice. We now produce, as appendices within our Board reports, but also as standalone documents, "Reducing Reoffending Briefings" for each local authority area within the CJA. These are produced quarterly and contain four sections: Community Sentences, Prison Population and Crime with the focus in the fourth section changing each quarter. The first of these briefings - Q4 2014/15, the focus was on Reconviction rates, the second - Q1 105/16, was on Public Social Partnerships. The next set of Reducing Reoffending Briefings will be ready for publication in December 2015. These briefings can be found within our Board Reports and also under our Publications tab - "Reducing Reoffending Briefings". 


Fife & Forth Valley CJA Annual Report 2014/15

Fife & Forth Valley CJA are pleased to publish their Annual Report for 2014/15. This report details the progress we have made, together with our partners,  towards our strategic priorities outlined in our Area Plan 2014-17. This is a very challenging time for the CJA given the restructure of community justice and the new Community Justice (Scotland) Act which is currently going though Parliament. We will continue to work with our partners, over the transition period, to ensure that the good partnership working across the Fife and Forth Valley area that has ultimately led to a reduction in re-offending, remains. 

This Annual Report is available under our Publications Page or by clicking on the link:

Annual Report 2014/15


MAPPA Annual Reports

MAPPA Annual Reports for both Fife and Forth Valley are now available under our publications page - "MAPPA Annual Reports". These reports details the activities of MAPPA during 2014/15.


September 2015: Report of the Ministerial Group on Offender Reintegration

Please see our Publications page - Scottish Government Publications - for the Report of the Ministerial Group on Offender Reintegration.


More than 700,000 women held in prison around the world

More than 700,000 women and girls are held in penal institutions throughout the world, according to the third edition of the World Female Imprisonment List, researched and compiled by Roy Walmsley and published by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research at Birkbeck, University of London.


The link to the website containing the full article can be found here.


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