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National Strategy for Community Justice

On behalf of the Scottish Government, a range of events have been organised across Scotland to engage with a broad range of stakeholders to ensure the recommendations are effective and all potential barriers to implementation have been considered.  These events will enable stakholders to share views on the work so far, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as providing an opportunity to suggest further improvement.

Please click on the link below for further information and to Register for an Event.

 National Strategy for Community Justice: Events




Annual Report 2014/15*****NEW

We are currently writing our Annual Report for 2014/15. A presentation on the main elements of the Report will take place at our next Board meeting on 15th September 2015 (Board papers available on our website).

After the meeting there will be an opportunity for you to feed into our Report. If you wish to contribute to our Report then we would like to direct you to our Area Plan 2014-17 and Action Plan 2014-17, both of which are available under our Publications section on our website. These documents detail our strategic priorities and what actions the CJA are taking, in partnership, to address these. 

Our Report will detail what progress we have made in delivering against our Area Plan. The Report is due to be submitted to Scottish Government at the end of September, thereafter published at the end of October 2015.


New Routes PSP Report 2015

The Wise Group leads New Routes a Scotland wide Public Social Partnership (PSP) that involves nine third sector organisations and public sector partners. It provides a mentoring service for young male prolific offenders on short-term sentences in all Scottish prisons and then on release in the community.

New Routes published a Report in March 2015. This is available under our Publications Tab - "Other Partner's Publications".

The New Routes Mentoring Service is available across the FFV CJA area.





Evaluation of Community Payback Orders

This document presents the findings of an evaluation of Community Payback Orders, Criminal Justice Social Work Reports and the Presumption Against Short Sentences. The evaluation was conducted by Scotcen Social Research during 2013-14.

The document can be accessed here:

Evaluation Report


What Works to Reduce Re-offending

The Scottish Government Justice Analytical Services has recently published an updated evidence review of "What Works to Reduce Reoffending". This publication is used by many agencies and organisations to inform strategy and planning for projects and programmes aimed at reduing reoffending within our communities.

This document can be accessed via the Scottish Government website or by clicking the link below:

What Works to Reduce Reoffending


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