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FFV CJA Area Plan 2014-17

FFV CJA Board recently approved our Area Plan for 2014-17. This Area Plan details our priorities for the next three years. These priorites were identified through consultation with our partners and are: 

  • Transition Planning
  • Prolific Offenders
  • Vulnerable People
  • Access to Universal Services
  • Evidencing Outcomes

As well as being approved by our Board, our Area Plan was discussed in front of a Scrutiny Panel comprising representatives from Scottish Government, SPS, COSLA and ADSW. Andy Bruce, Head of the Community Justice Division in the Scottish Government and chair of the scrutiny panel, said that our Area Plan was strong with our strengths including our committment to agreeing our key local priorities with local partners and our action planning across the CJA area.

Over the next three years we will continue to work with our partners to deliver against these priorities through our Action Plan. We acknowledge that much of this work will involve preparing our partners for the transition of Community Justice to our four local authorities Community Planning Partnerships.

Both our Action Plan and Area Plan can be found in our Publications section.


Not my Crime, Still my Sentence

During the month of June, Families Outside is taking part in the ‘Not My Crime, Still My Sentence’ campaign on behalf of Children of Prisoners Europe.  

Please visit the campaign site to see how you can help raise awareness of this important work too!


Domestic Abuse Briefing

FFV CJA has recently produced a newsletter/briefing on Domestic Abuse. The purpose of this briefing is to give our partners an overview of the current picture of domestic abuse across the Fife and Forth Valley area. Contained within this document is data relating to the prevalence of domestic abuse incidents and the number of domestic abuse cases called to court across the area. There is also information on the different Court Support Services in operation across the area, what FFV CJA is supporting to reduce domestic abuse and the MARAC process. 

This briefing is the first in a series with the next one concentrating on 'Women Offenders'.

The Domestic Abuse Briefing can be found under our "Publications" tab - "Domestic Abuse".


Reducing Reoffending Programme Update 02/14

The Reducing Reoffending programme is one of five flagship change programmes in the Scottish Government's Justice portfolio which aims to make changes to the Justice System to ensure that services are available to support offenders and help them move away from a life of reoffending. There are six projects in the programme: 

  • The Redesign of the Community Justice System
  • Funding 
  • Performance Management 
  • Women Offenders
  • Throughcare
  • Community Payback Orders

The Scottish Government have recently publised a Programme Update on Phase 2 of the Reducing Reofffending Programme. This update includes details on page 3 of the publication on the Redesign of the Community Justice System. Further consultation is due to take place on the proposed new structure in April 2014 which will be supported by a series of stakeholder events across the CJA areas in April/May 2014.

This Update is available for download on our Publications page under a newly created category "Scottish Government Publications". 



Women Only Workshops Alloa

Emma Wilson, Apex Scotland’s Service Development Manager for Forth Valley & Tayside has published an article within the Scottish Justice Matters Newsletter (Volume 2 March 2014) on the Women Only Workshops in Alloa.

This article is available under our "Publications" tab: Women Offenders

A worthwhile read...changing the lives of Women Offenders.



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