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Angels' Share Event supported by Fife CJS & FFVCJA

In conjunction with Fife Criminal Justice Services and FFV CJA, a workshop was held in Kirkcaldy for all service users across Fife & Forth Valley who were subject to a Community Payback Order.

This workshop was facilitated by the actor Paul Brannigan.

Paul Brannigan was born in Glasgow and brought up in the rough working-class East End Barrowfield area of the city, near Celtic Park. Both of his parents were long-term drug addicts and much of his youth was spent amidst gang violence and petty crime.Paul was a repeat offender and spent time in Polmont Young Offenders' Institution.

After his release from Polmont, Paul joined the Violence Reduction Unit (run by legacy Strathclyde Police) as a volunteer football coach. He was spotted by scriptwriter Paul Laverty and given the lead role of Robbie in the film “The Angels' Share”.

Paul was also cast as “Gareth O’Connor” in the BBC Scotland soap opera "River City", leaving the program in September 2013. Paul has also had parts in the movies, “Under the Skin” and “Sunshine on Leith”.

Paul focused his workshop on "social circles" and states he is keen to share his life experiences with other service users focusing on taking responsibility for your own actions and recognising how choices can have consequences.

This workshop was followed by the airing of his film "The Angel Share" and a question and answer session.

Photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page: Fife & Forth Valley Community Justice Authority


Falkirk Criminal Justice Services: Celebrating Success

“Celebrating Success”

Falkirk Criminal Justice Services were recently rewarded for their success at their Annual Falkirk Council 'Celebrating Success' Awards held in November 2013.

Weekly Drop-in Service

The weekly drop in service for women won an award for the work undertaken in the women’s drop in, in recognition of the variety of input there and, in particular, the music input from Ryan Topping.

Unpaid Work

Community Involvstewart roadement Award: This award went to Criminal Justice Unpaid Work for the development and improvement of the Stewart Road Area Project.

Hallglen were commended for the work undertaken with Criminal Justice Unpaid Work in transforming a dull concrete playground into an interactive fun and stimulating outdoor area for the community of Hallglen. The workshop had also made a boat and a train for the playground.

Backing Falkirk’s Future Awards

These awards recognise a variety of individuals and groups which are involved in providing learning opportunities through meeting and developing educational opportunities and sustainable employment.

Criminal Justice was highly commended for the Partnership of the Year award which reflected the work undertaken between Criminal Justice, Employment Training Unit and the Salvation Army.

Two ex-service users won awards in their category. Iain Hunter won “Achiever of the Year” and the “Provost’s Award” and Sandra Marshall was second in the “Provost’s Award”.


Fife & Forth Valley CJA Annual Report 2012/13

Our Annual Report for the period 2012/13 is now available to download.

The Management of Offenders etc (Scotland) Act 2005, Section 3, sets out the functions of the Community Justice Authority (CJA). One of these functions relates to the submission, at the end of each financial year, of an Annual Report to Scottish Ministers. 

Our Annual Report for 2012/13 is the second report that provides evidence of our progress towards meeting national and local priorities and objectives, as detailed in the Fife and Forth Valley Area Plan for 2011-2014.

Fife & Forth Valley Annual Report 2012/13


National CJA Newsletter

CJA Newsletter  - Autumn 2013 - Public Social Partnerships in Focus

This edition focuses on the work of the Public Social Partnerships (PSPs) which have been established with the support of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund to deliver mentoring services for women offenders and for prolific, young, male offenders.

The CJAs welcome the significant investment from the Change Fund in mentoring services, recognising the powerful effect that a supportive and non-judgemental ‘helping hand’ can have as people try to move on from offending.

CJAs are confident that this investment will continue to further drive down reconviction and re-offending rates and result in fewer victims of crime in our communities.


CJA Newsletter Autumn 2013 - Public Social Partnerships in Focus


Equality Impact Assessments

As part of our "Equalities Outcomes & Mainstreaming Report 2013", which was published on our website in April 2013; FFV CJA have adopted an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) process.

All authors preparing papers to be submitted to our Board and partnership meetings should give consideration to equality issues via the EQIA process.

Report writers must give consideration as to whether an EQIA is needed.

For Guidance:

  • If a report is going to the Board for information only and no action will result from the report (e.g. Performance reports, budget monitoring) an EQIA is not necessary.
  • If a report advises the impact of a policy after implementation, an EQIA will need to be appended to the report to reassess the policys' impact.

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